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Greetings to our dedicated community!

We're excited to introduce our new API, a testament to our commitment to rapid innovation and adaptability.

Key Highlights:

  • Actively Under Development: Our API isn't static. We're in constant development mode, introducing improvements, features, and refinements.

  • Unversioned Approach: Unlike traditional APIs, ours is not versioned. This ensures you're always accessing the latest, without the need to switch between versions. However, this also means features might evolve rapidly.

  • Stay Updated: Given its dynamic nature, we recommend users to stay closely tuned to our updates and regularly check our documentation to ensure smooth integration.

About the Legacy API:

For those still integrated with our old API, rest assured it will remain available at least till March 2024. Need to refer back? The documentation for it can be found here.

Your Feedback Matters:

As we shape this API, your feedback is invaluable. Dive in, explore, and let us know how you experience it. Your insights guide our journey.